2014 Cabaret

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Cabaret 2014 was held at the Bijou Theatre on March 7 & 8, 2014.  Survivor Akima: The Adventures of Tennessee Rivers and Gaye Street took us on an adventure through the hopes and dreams of outlandish friends, Tennessee & Gaye.  The two Knoxville ladies won their way onto the popular reality TV show, Survivor.  But once they realized that the competition was taking place at the Knoxville Center Mall, they were less than enthused.  Between snacks and naps, their imaginations ran wild and they began to dream of what it would be like if they were the stars of other hit reality TV shows.  They say the mind is a funny thing, and Tennessee and Gaye’s minds proved to be just that!

The success of Cabaret 2014 allowed Akima to give back to the community via our grant program.  We are proud to have been able to award grants to 38 agencies totaling $45,400.