2016 Cabaret

akimanopoly-smallCabaret 2016 was held on the US Cellular Stage at the Bijou Theatre February 26 & 27, 2016. AKIMANOPOLY took the audience on a journey of imagination with the Golden Girls. The girls got more than they bargained for while playing a game of Monopoly and hilarity ensued as the game came to life. They were whisked away to the land of Lost Pieces where they had to help the Monopoly man himself, Pennybags, solve a crime. Someone had stolen all of his money and that meant no more funding for Knoxville’s Boomsday! It wasn’t an easy case to solve because there were more than just skeletons in the game closet! As they searched for the thief they encountered the cast of CLUE, jumped in the land of CHECKERS, risked being lobotomized in OPERATION……then got words mixed up in the land of SCRABBLE, a belly ache in CANDYLAND, and a big dose of current political events from the game of LIFE. In the end, the thief, Jake the Jailbird, was caught and Pennybags found his money.